Branding is not that important

One of the largest mistakes I have seen many companies make within their initial periods is relying too heavily on the naming aspect of both their overall brand, and their products or services offered. There is an underlying effect of positive results that come from a great name for both your brand and the thing you are selling to customers, but there are many negatives that come from the overall focus on branding of yourself.

While it may seem defeatist, spending less time on your companies branding of both its name and its products can really help both your personal confidence and the overall length of time for your business to compete. I am personally speaking from experience, as I have at points spent weeks feeling like I cannot make any progress until I felt that my businesses name and products names alone would entice customers to spend their money with me rather than competitors.

However, the focus on branding is detrimental when you stall operations to focus on such a small issue. The name and branding of your company will make very little to no difference on how your customer will see your company. The name of your company matters more to the business owner than it would ever matter to a customer unless your name directly undermines your business itself.

There is a lot of be said of your branding itself in terms of colour schemes and logos over the name. Logos are one of the defining factors for a customer to decide if they feel your business is great or not. Whatever the name of your business, the logo is the most important aspect. If the logo looks great in comparison to the name, and the colour schemes are eye catching for the average consumer, then you will see more success than anything else.